What We Do

Our Company Fabricates and Supplies Underground and Above Ground Tankers, Agricultural Trailers and Steel Structures.

Design and Manufacturing

  1. Fuel and oil tanker Design and manufacturing
  2. Tipping and non-tipping Trailer manufacturing
  3. trailer tanker
  4. Canopy design, manufacturing and installation
  5. Hydro- Carbon separator
  6. Steel structure design and manufacturing
  7. High way and compound light
  8. Concrete mold and casing

Service and Maintenance

  1. Industrial machinery installation
  2. Piping installation
  3. Work shop service
  • Bending
  • Cutting
  • Rolling
  • Drilling
  • Punching
  • Section Bending


  1. Product design and development
  2. Product assembling
  3. Industrial machinery installation
  4. Industrial electrical installation
  5. Canopy maintenance
  6. Industrial painting

Cargo Trailers

Fabrication and supply of agricultural purpose Trailers. It can be Tanker Trailers or Cargo Trailers with client specification.


Fabrication and Supply of Underground Tankers up to 100m3  and  Above Ground Tankers from 1m3 to 5000m3 or above, as per customer requirement . Manufacturing process and testing is done as per SABS 1590.

Tanker_50m3_ Double_wall

Trailer Tankers

Steel Structure

Fuel Station Canopy

Pre-fabricated House